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How To Be An Intelligent Student In School (7 Great Tips)

How To Be An Intelligent Student In School (7 Great Tips)

Hello and welcome to Sammygist, today I will be discussing on 7 useful tips on how to be an intelligent student in school.

If you really want to become an intelligent Student, I will advise you to read this post till the end. This post is actually meant for you.

I have explained all what it takes for you as a student to become one of the smartest student in school. Most trick some of the smartest students in school do keep in secret, I am here to unveil all to you, just on this single page. So tell me why you wouldn't want to hear me out.

How To Be An Intelligent Student

Trust me these tips you are about reading now will trigger you and give you some morals in becoming an intelligent Student. These tips I am going to give you today worked for me, my friends and a lot of people who adhered to it.

Becoming a smart Student is very simple and easy if you can follow all these steps I have listed below without ommitting any, so you can grab some popcorn and a drink so as to flow with the following tips.

Do you wish to know how to be an intelligent Student? How to be an intelligent Student in the world? How to be an intelligent Student among your friends? Worryless Sammygist got you covered.

How Do Smart Student Study?

There are different ways in which smart Students study to become great in life. I am sure you are eager to know how to study as a smart Student right?... Just keep calm I would be giving you everything in details in how to study as a smart Student.

Below are some of the steps smart Student Study.

  • They always focus whenever they are being lectures.
  • They ask questions during and after lectures
  • They go after lecturers to explain things to them for better understanding
  • They don't skip assignments
  • They always read after lectures and at night before going to bed

Who Are This Intelligent Students?

Before I discuss on how to become an intelligent student, Do you know who this intelligent Students are?. 

Firstly the word "intelligence"  is derived from the Latin word "intellegens"  which means Something Of High.

Intelligence is defined in so many ways like, the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Are intelligent student is far better that a brilliant Student. One who is intelligent is respected than an ordinary brilliant student.

How To Be An Intelligent Student

10 Most Effective Ways Of Becoming An Intelligent Student

Now we are in for the main discussion for today. The following list below are the top 10 most effective tips on how to be an intelligent Student in school :

  1. Zero Laziness
  2. Believe In Yourself
  3. Positive Educational Discussion
  4. Try To Study Always
  5. Read Widely
  6. Face The Difficulty
  7. Practicalize What You've Learnt
  8. Always Read At Night  And Take A Break

1. Zero Laziness

Most students of today are very lazy to read, all they want is smooth and non-stressful method of reading to pass examinations but they don't know becoming a smart Student is way more than that.

Be determined and consistent, this would make you smart in school. Why is because if you loose interest otherwise being lazy to read you will never and can never become an intelligent Student.

So.if you truly want to become that one most smart student in school you need to zero laziness, be determined and consistent. The three of the work hand In hand and one can not be left out.

2. Believing In Your Self

Never say you can not know it, today most students have made up their minds of being an illiterate, they believe can can never be better in education. But today I am personally telling you to stop that thought of "I can't know it" running through your mind, develop a high self esteeem and Believe you can do it.

If you truly want to be an intelligent Student believe in yourself that you can know it and you can do it. Without believing in yourself your efforts would be in vain because when reading and that thought pops through your mind you Will just close your books and sleep.

3. Positive Educational Discussions

Most students engage in other irrevelant gossips rather than educative discussions that can help them academically. If really want to be a smart Student follow peer groups that can influence you positively.

When you learn things from people during discussion and even argument you find what you have learnt very hard to forget.

Participate in online educative discussions, forums and also participate in ongoing discussion even in social media, search for Educational websites, WhatsApp groups and other social media educative groups and participate in discussions going on there.

3. Try To Study Always 

Most students feels they have season or special time to read but that isn't true. You can test yourself and find out which time best suites you to read. If you are the one that reads in day day or night, discover yourself and try to read at all times.

Planning to study regularly is essentially and it triggers you on how to be an intelligent student. Although it isn't easy but giving it a trial will convince you.

4. Read Widely

Some Students just focus on the things they are been taught in class, they don't go ahead in searching or browsing for a clearer understanding of the topics they were being taught. They believe what they have learnt in class is enough and would take them a long way but that is a lie.

Try to go for research, use other textbooks or materials written by different authors, get a better knowledge of the topic, you can even know the content of the topic more than your teacher or lecturer. Just try to broaden your reading and see how it goes.

5. Face The Difficulty

Like I said earlier always believe in yourself that you can do it, even if you do t know that particular topic or course try to consult the internet, your lecturer and your friends. This goes a long way in making you an intelligent student.

Never run aways from topics or subjects that you don't understand, you better try to face mask counter it before it comes back facing you. Running away from difficulties encountered would surely come back to hurt you unexpectedly.
Do some reasearch on topics you don't understand, even if you still don't understand you can later come back to ask a question during or after lectures, you won't be penalized.

6.Practicalize What You've Learnt

Put all what you have learnt into practice, do not run away from practicals. As you are even reading you can be practically demonstrating it, yes, this would give you a better understanding of the topic.
And whatever is learnt from practicals, I can bodly tell you, it would not be difficult to remember. Practical learning can also make you smart and intelligent.

7. Always Read At Night And Take A Break

Most students loves to read at night other than the day, because they feel they are very comfortable at night without any disturbance.

Some Students even read all day and all night without taking a break so they could be a smart Student, but not taking a break can make your brain wash all it has read and therefore expanding the capacity of the limits it can take at a particular time.

When you read at night or day try to take a break if at least 10-20 minutes this will help refreshing your memory, refreshing your memory doesn't means all what you have learnt would be lost. No that isn't how it works, taking breaks would make your brain capacity to be refreshed and ready for another thing to be packed in it.

Read like 1-2 hours before sleeping, this goes a very long way, anytime you wake up in the mornin, what you learnt last night would still be in your memory.

With all this wonderful tips I have listed below I am sure you would agree with me that after you have practiced all what I mentioned earlier it will practically work for you with no doubts.
So use see how to be an intelligent Student is never difficult all you need is seriousness, I believe these tips on how to be an intelligent Student will work for you, if an only if you practice all what is mentioned above.

If you think I miss anything or you have any contributions to make, please kindly tell us in the comment section, I am ready to listen to you.

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