How To Calculate Fuoye Screening Points For Admission

How To Calculate Fuoye Screening Points (With Ease)

Heyyo, are you an applicant of the Federal University of Oye Ekiti (Fuoye)?? Are you assisting a friend in searching for a way in which you can calculate the screening points for fuoye?

Then no need of searching any further, because you are in the right arena, here I would be giving you the full details on how to calculate Fuoye screening points. 

What Is Screening Points?

Screening points?... It is the minimum points or cut off mark which a student is required to gain after conduct his/her screening process for fuoye.
it is being measured in percentage, candidates needs to attain a minimum screening point for admission and this is being acquired after he/she might have calculated it.

What Are The Departmental Points For Each Courses 2020?

To be honest this is to be determined by the school management, fuoye. The Management of the federal University Oye ekiti has a specific Departmental points assigned to each courses and this varies yearly.

You can click HERE to view the departmental cut off points of each programmes in fuoye for the previous sessions. In this post, i have listed all the fuoye departmental screening points for previous year's.

The minimum screening points a candidate is required to attain to be on a safer side for admission process is 50%.

But do not quote me wrong, I am not saying if you score below 50% you won't get admitted, in the previous year's, Candidates with screening points below the average of 50% where being admitted into fuoye while applicants with aggregate points of exactly 50% and above where totally denied admission.

NB - The fuoye screening points for each courses for the year 2020 is not yet announced by the management but will update this page whenever it is ready.

How To Calculate Fuoye Screening Points 2020

After much questions and email i do receive often requesting me to teach and assists aspirants on how to calculate Fuoye screening points.

So, I decide to come up with this post. I have been able to come up with the following major steps on how to calculate Fuoye screening points.

It is very necessary for candidates to start checking their screening points at a very early stage so as to know their stands, if they will actually change to a lesser competitive course with low utme score requirements or proceed with their same course.

How to calculate fuoye screening points

How To Calculate Fuoye Screening Points

• Know the points of each o'level grades

Firstly there is a certain point attached to each O'level grade, candidates are expected to know  the points of each O'level grades before the next step.

Below are the fixed points of each O'level grades
A1 - 6
B2 - 5
B3 - 4
C4 - 3
C5 - 2
C6 - 1

• Sittings

What is reffered to as Sitting?

Sittings? This is reffered to the number of O'level results combination a candidate or applicants used in registration for his/her admission process.

 A candidate is allowed to use either a minimum of one O'level result or a maximum of two results for applying into any University in Nigeria.

One sitting ; this is just when a Candidate make use of only a single O'level result in enrollment into any University of his/her choice.

Two Sittings ; this applies when candidates makes use of two O'level results in the registration for admission process. This could be either waec or neco, waec or gce, Neco or gce and so on. 

Candidates who applies for two sittings are those who didn't perform well in one particular subject/subjects but want to make use of other O'level examination result they have to replace them.

Points Attached To Sittings in Fuoye 

One sitting - This goes with a point of 10
Two sitting - This also goes with a point of 6.

•  Now To Calculate Jamb Points

There are also some calculations you need to do in getting the points for your jamb score. You will have to divide your jamb score by 400 and multiply it by 60.

The Following steps Listed above are all what you need in calculating the screening points for fuoye. Following all steps Listed, I assure you calculating Fuoye screening Points won't be difficult but so easy. I also generated a cool formula for this

O'level + jamb + sittings = Screening points

You might have read this and understood but not still sure of yourself? Or are you having doubts if you are wrong or doing the right calculations?

Be calm, i have cited a short and little example in which you can use to guide yourself  on how to calculate Fuoye screening points.

Now let's see this very short and explanatory example about Sammygist below

 Sammygist o'level results
Mathematics -A1
English - B2
Physics - C6
Chemistry - B3
Further mathematics - C6

Now can you recall the points assigned to each o'level grades listed above? After recollection and add up.

For sammygist
A1 + B2 + C6 + B3 +C6
6 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 17 points

Note The Score.

•  Sittings ;  Sammygist used just one one result when applying for the screening exercise, that is to say, sammygist used only a sitting (one sitting).

And if you can recall the point attached to one sitting which is 10.

• For Jamb, Sammygist scored 237 in the Unified tetiary matriculation examination (Utme).  

Now Divide the score by the overall utme score, four hundred and then multiply the answer obtained by 60. This would summon up to 35.55

(237 ÷ 400) × 60 = 35.55 points

Now if you can remember vividly the formula I generated for calculating fuoye screening point which is

O'level + jamb + sittings = screening points

I am going to apply it for calculating Sammygist screening points for fuoye admission process.

O'level + jamb + sittings = screening points

17 + 35.55 + 10 = 62.55%

Now after adding this up sammygist had a total screening Points of 62.55%. Good to go??? Yes, Sammygist is good to go.

NB : This Applies to only candidates who wrote the Utme only

Now here is also a full detailed step to also calculate Fuoye screening points, this time around it is not for Jambites but for the Direct entry aspirants into Fuoye.

What is Direct Entry?

JAMB Direct Entry is for those that already have a diploma certificate in their possession and wishes to go for a degree programme in the university. Normally, those who gained admission into the university via direct entry will start from part two (2) or two hundred (200) level in their university of choice provided they were offered admission.

Fuoye Direct Entry Screening Points

1st Class/Distribution/Excellence = 60 point
2nd Class/Upper Credit/Credit = 40 point
Then sum up your total O’ level grades to get your final result.

Point Ratio Breakdown

UTME Ratio: 60%
O’level Ratio: 30%
Sittings Ratio: 10%
Overall Total: 100%

This is all I have for the topic today which entails : How to calculate Fuoye screening points. I hope with this, I was able to meet up to your enquires on how to calculate Fuoye screening points by yourselves without any assistance.

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