Fuoye Matriculation (9th) Ceremony For 2019/20 New Students

Fuoye Matriculation Ceremony For 2019/20 New Students(9th matriculation)

This page covers the Fuoye matriculation ceremony scheduled date, time and venue for the 2019/2020 fresh students in the federal university Oye ekiti.
This is to inform all the admitted students of the 2019/2020 academic session that the federal University Oye ekiti, Fuoye matriculation ceremony would be Held ONLINE. This is the 9th matriculation ceremony in the federal University Oye ekiti.

Fuoye matriculation ceremony is applicable to all admitted students of 2019/2020 who have paid their acceptance fees. Hence, Freshers who hasn't been able to paid won't be able to participate in the fuoye matriculation ceremony.

Fuoye Matriculation Ceremony Schedule

Date : Tuesday 8th, 2020
Time : 11.00 a.m
Mode : Zoom Application

Parents and students are allowed to join and grace the ceremony from remote places while few students have been scheduled to be physically on ground to participate in the forth coming ceremony.

How To Prepare For An Online (ZOOM) Meeting

  1. Ensure you have the online meeting application available and ready on your device (i.e computer, iPad or smart/mobile phones)
  2. Make some enquiries on the communication service provider (CSP) network to evaluate whose signal strength is the best in the Physical area you plan to have the meeting.
  3. Be sure the signal of the CSP is in the 4G category (Edge, 2G or 3G performance maybe be low). The label category will carry the signal strength bar on the device you intend using.
  4. Ensure you have enough data on the connection device you are planning to use. A minimum.of 1GB is advisable for a one-hour meeting.
  5. Choose a physical room/location whicj would be conducive with less or no noise and distraction
  6. Ensure you have the virtual location (website address) of the meeting handy. It will usually be sent to you via SMS, chat room (e.g. whatsapp) or email. The meeting ID and password (typical of application such as zoom) which you should also have handy will be sent in a similar manner. Likewise, the date and time of the meeting will be sent to you.
  7. If possible, try to attend a mock version of the meeting.
  8. The room you select for the meeting should be set at least 15mins to the commencement of the meeting. It is also advised to start attempting to login five minute to the commencement.

Immediately  you login, minimize social interaction with others. It is advisable that your microphone be muted on entry and only unmute when you have the floor to present.

This was supposed to be held in the school but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the vice Chancellor of the school reinvited freshers to participate in the fuoye Matriculation Ceremony ONLINE.

Fuoye Matriculation Important Information

  1. Only those students who have paid for their fees are eligible to get the link on how to participate in the fuoye Matriculation ceremony and also the matriculation oaths forms.
  2. Only those students that matriculated are eligible to be issued a matriculation number.

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