Schools Can't Reopen Now, till We Are Convinced -

At a meeting of the presidential task force(PTF) on covid'19 with the northern traditional leaders committee (NTLC) on National primary health held in Abuja on Thursday, the minister of state for education, known as chukwuemeka Nwajiuba disclosed that the Federal government are not yet convinced on the resumption of schools fully.

According to him, the Federal government are still on the matter, he said at the moment, they haven't come to the point of conclusion where they can say schools can manage themselves to fully reopen comfortably.

He added their teams haven't gone out and they will use the whole of this week and also next week to evaluate properly.

Nwajiuba said they are going round to see the level of compliance but most importantly they are waiting to receive an update on all facilities in every part of Nigeria, He added the work is in Progress.

He further stated the federal government believes the opinion of experts that the 15 percent of transmission of the pandemic is coming from the school premises.

This is the main reason the government is advocating remodelling of classes especially in schools where there are no enough classrooms to practice social distancing.

A tier system can be done,  some students can also come in the morning, maybe the junior classes and the senior classes can come for classes in the afternoon.

Nwajiuba stated they are also working out guidelines such as washing of hands regularly because the school must go on at one point.

Also speaking more, the minister Nwajiuba stated they have experimented with the system in the past weeks during the West African school Certificate Examination and also the Joint Admission Matriculation Board and it seems to have worked fine so far apart from an incident in Gombe where a child had contracted the Corona virus.

Nwajiuba called for the federal government and the states for a seamless and safe reopening and resumption of schools, especially at the primary level.

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