Be A Chosen Indeed The believers names and identity

Be A chosen indeed
Be A chosen indeed

There are so many children calling themselves chosen today because their mummies and daddies come to church with them, they wear apron, have chosen stickers on their houses doors, on the body of their parents cars, but they forgot that except a man be born again, her/she cannot see the kingdom of God.

Remember all human beings are generally called "MAN" (mankind). A chosen indeed can easily be known or identify through the kind of life he/she lives. Another name for chosen indeed is real/correct chosen.

A child can become a chosen indeed, real chosen or correct chosen when that could accepts Jesus as personal Lord and saviour confessing and repenting from all bad behavior then behind to live holy and righteous life through obeying and believing the teachings from our G.O (Daddy in the Lord).

God's mercy has been poured upon all the chosen children so that they can become chosen indeed, who knows what God likes and hates. 

Points To Be Considered
In this message we have two points;

A chosen indeed explained
Danger of not being a chosen

A chosen indeed explained

God called and chose the children of Israel among other Nations that existed during their time beacuse of the convenant He (God) had with Abraham.

In the same way, the same God of Abraham choose to walk with us among all the people of this our generation because of the covenant He has with our Daddy in our church (G.O).

He never chose to us because we are qualified, or we are righteous than all the people in the whole world but as many that will listen to the teaching, preaching of our G.O and start a new life in Christ becomes a chosen indeed because obedience brings blessing.

Your can use the following to identify a chosen indeed

He/she is saved
Pure and clean both in and out
Filled with the holy Ghost
Righteous and holy living
Represent Christ anywhere
Separation from the word
Being prayerful
Does not murmur or complain
Likes and appreciates our G.O and family, the church and all the members of the church preaches to the sinners all the time
Full of testimonies of God's goodness etc.
Runs away from sin and every appearance of sin.
Covers His/her nakedness very well
Does not complain during and trials
They don't go from church to church seeking for prophecy

If you don't have the above experience you can call upon the God of the chosen who makes you a real chosen.

The Danger Of Not Being A Chosen Indeed

Any child that is not a chosen indeed faces the Danger of losing God's blessings, The protection of God will not be upon him or her. 

God's covenant of peace and for the chosen ones are not for all those people who move from one place of worship to another.

Many of those children who follow their parents to prayer houses, go there to receive evil spirit, just like King Saul who went to a witch called the woman of endor then Sampson lost the glory of God because he chose to his own will.

Judas Iscariot was among the 12 disciples of Jesus but he lost his position because, he wasn't a chosen indeed.

Ananias and Saphira were husband and wife who were among the early Christians because of greediness and lies, they died shamefully, and so many other bad examples.

Are you a chosen boy or girl but still into disobedient to parents teachers, etc. You tell a lot of lies, quarrel, fight, steal, curse etc.

You must repent today too avoid hell fire. Rise up and let us pray, where you a chosen indeed before and now you are no more following, Jesus tells you to return.

Moral lesson : Any child that is not a chosen indeed faces the danger of losing God's blessing

Thought : Oh Lord make me a chosen indeed.

The believers names and identity

And they said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved and thy house.

The Bible, God's word clearly State it that, it is wrong for believers to join with the wicked. The believers in our teaching refers to those who believe in Christ Jesus. A believer is one who believes that Jesus Christ is the beloved son of God. For the benefit of this teaching, when one becomes a believer, he/she has entered into a new life and new partnership with our Lord Jesus.

In this message we have two points:

Names and identity of believers
The names given to sinners

Names and identity of believers
Believers (boys and girls) have lots of names for proper identification. These names are given to believers in Christ Jesus by God Himself and they are all in the Holy Bible.

New creature
Member of christ
Son of God 
Beloved of God
Brother to Jesus
Temple of God
Heir of God
Ambassador for Christ
Peculiar treasure
Sheep of the great shepherd
Chosen generation

Most boys and girls who are saved don't know whom they are in Christ Jesus because they don't study the word of God. Saved boys and girls must live to know these glorious names. God made us new creatures who could stand in his presence as though we had never committed sin.

Names Given To Dinner

As believers are called with different names so are unbelievers. Because they don't have Christ, their lives style is seen in their names. They are called by the following names;

The aborminable

Sinning boys and girls are to come to Jesus today as their personal Lord and saviour. God answers the prayers of His friends, are you a friend of Jesus like the intercessors in our Bible passages. Rise up and pray.

Lesson : God does not answer sinners prayers but the Lord gives ear to his friends prayers

Thought : Oh Lord God of chosen, help me to remain your friend forever. Amen

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