Go ye into therefore and teach all nations,
Baptizing them in the name of the father,
And of the son and of the holyghost.

We are saved in order to bring others to Christ, Jesus save us so that through us the unsaved boys and girls can be brought to the saviour.

The bible teaches that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,every person has the opportunity to find life and have it abundantly. As born again Christian our task is to lead and bring others to the water of life. 

We are called to teach the love of Christ and the message of the gospel to everyone.We are to bring:

our families, parents, uncles, all our relation
our neighbours, those that lives around us
to all people all around the world,people of all tribe, colours and ages. 

We are instructed by Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit and teaching them how to obey his commandment ,it also includes praying for and reaching every nation,tribes,people and language.

1.believers have no excuses
2. There Is no more time
Believers have no excuses

God has equipped and commanded us to be witnesses of what he has done in our lives

To avoid excuses we must do the following 

Avoid distraction
Don't be scared rather pray for boldness
Obey God and take his work as your personal duty
Don't say you can't preach,holy spirit teaches all things
I don't have time every time you have belongs to God
my friends will laugh at me

We must avoid excuses and moved straight to the field just like the apostle, the bible says; how can they hear without preacher '. Born-again boys and girls are the preachers of God's word. The bible says there is joy in heaven when a souls come to Christ through our preaching.

There is no more time

The church has no other expectation now than the rapture although no one know the exact time of Jesus coming but Jesus  told us in the bible that we can know the signs of his coming.

He talks about the last days and we are in the last days. The bible talks of the signs of Jesus coming

Wars and rumors of war
Diseases and epidemics
Nation rising against nation, kingdom against kingdom
Persecution of Jesus fellows 
Famine (lack of foods)
Pestlines and earthquake in diverse places (sunamin)
Hatred for Jesus followers and killing just like what is happening in the Northern part now and other places of the world.
False prophets and teachers
And also the gospel will be preached in all the world

We are to fast to ensuring that we relate the gospel in all the places so that no single soul is left out.

Tell them that

Jesus loves them and laid down his life for them
Remind them that their good work cannot save them but Jesus saves.
That all have sinned
That God cannot compromise his word that says all sinners must go to hell
Heaven and hell are real
Tell them the danger of delay like lot's wife 
God destroys Noah's generation because of sin etc.

Those who obey will always stand out for God's blessing especially being with Christ at last in heaven.

Lesson : our God given duty is to brings others to the Lord as friends of Jesus

Thought : oh Lord God of the chosen ones, The God of Abraham help me to bring souls to thy kingdom.

The salt of the earth 

Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned and spiced with salt, that ye may know how he ought to answer every man.

Salt is very essential important natural mineral that we add to food to make it taste well. Salt also is used for many things.

As born again boys and girls we are salt of the earth, we vare very important in this world. This teaching has two parts:

Save boys and girls are salt of the earth
Do not lose your flavour

Saved Boys and girls are salt of the earth

We all know that saved Boys and girls are those children who are friends of Jesus because, they have answered the call to repentance.

When a sinning child turns away from wrong doing by saying sorry or regretting from the past bad behaviour, such a child is no longer a dinner but a friend to Jesus; then as you become a friend to jesus, you are also a salt to the people of the earth.

As salt is very important and is used for different purposes, you as a friend of Jesus will remain also very important both to God and man , and therefore can be used  to do the following;

You will serve in the house of God just like samuel
Preach the gospel to peoplel like the disciples , example - Philip
Pray for the salvation and forgiveness of people and other areas like Daniel.
Sing in the choir and lead choruses like Deborah
Give alms to the poor and needy like Cornelinus and Dorcas Thabita.
Heal the sick through your prayers like Peter etc
Follow new friends of Jesus up because they need help - Paul the apostle showed example
Do miracles of all type like Paul the apostle etc and so many other services.
Reading and interpreting the word of God

Do not lose your flavour

It is the flavour in salt that helps it to give taste to foods, when there is no flavour in the salt, the food will be tasteless. So as a born-again boy or girl when you lose your flavour, you will no longer be important and will be thrown away.

It is very good we do not lose our flavour as Christians, the christlike qualities in our lives as Christians are our flavour.

The spirit of God helps us to be 
Reading, interpreting, understanding and meditating on God's word 

When we don't have the above qualities, it then means there is no flavour.


To retain our flavour as saved children we must;

Read and meditate on God's word all the time
Pray constantly
Preach the word of God all the time
Attend church services Regularly
Separate yourselves from sinners
Be courageous and patient
Remain with Jesus at all time no matter the temptation etc. Rise up for prayers.

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