Daily fellowship with God, Preaching The Word

Daily fellowship with God

If we should say that we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not tell the truth.

Our heavenly father is our creator, who created us in his own image and after his likeness, the reason is that, God loves all his creatures.

God does not want his creatures living without having fellowship with him. In the beginning God was having constant fellowship with man before man some and lost the privilege of God's presence but thank God, through Jesus Christ we are back to God.

Therefore we must daily live to allow God's total control over us as his dear children, cherished and loved by him.

Jesus to Martha "Mary thy sister had chosen the good part/way which cannot be taken away from her. That was beacuse, Mary stayed closely to listen to Jesus while Martha was carried away with much serving, she did not concentrate.

So many children today are like Martha, that never have time with God rather, they love to play out there with friends, some watching television, etc.

Why others prefer to, you must decide to be with Jesus today. 

We have two point.
what friends of Jesus must do
benefits of having fellowship with God and danger of neglect.

What friends of Jesus must do

Friends of Jesus are born again boys and girls whose son are forgiven through Jesus blood by faith in Christ Jesus and they must daily fellowship with God by doing the following;

Develop a close relationship with God
Have a life of prayer 
Read and meditates on God's word daily
Have a willing heart to receive from God
Live in total obedience toward God's word
Do the work of God like preaching to sinners, singing in the church, cleaning the house of God, helping the needy etc.
Daily self Examination

As we discipline ourselves to have a daily fellowship with our God, his glorious presence will bring about the needed miracles in our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

The Benefits And danger of neglect

Our benefits or good result of having daily fellowship with God cannot be numbered, some of the benefits are listed:

Our ways will be ordered by God
Our day to day life will be strengthened by God
It helps us to the end without going back to the world

When we fellowship with God daily, it brings about God's Divine presence of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, increase faith etc.
God's grace and glory are multiplied
You will do the will of God
God's Divine help to make heaven at last will be given

Decide today to love and enjoy regular daily fellowship with God like Abraham. Moses and the saints of old and you will be kept and preserved in the day of danger having in mind that all those children who live without God daily will be in danger of the following;

Sicknesses and diseases
Lack of God's Divine favour And provision and without hope of heaven

Sinners and backsliding children are to be part and key to these ways of having fellowship with Jesus.

Lesson : In having fellowship with God daily, one remains favoured in God's sight.

Thought: Oh Lord Good of Chosen help me from running away from thee.

Preaching The word

And the repentance and remission of sins and inquity should be preached in his name among all Nations beginning at Jerusalem.

God saved us from sin so that through us others can be saved, that is why born again boys and girls are called by names like;

The light of the world
Ambassador for Christ

As light, we are to lighten the dark corners of the world of sin and to bring them into the marvelous light- Jesus - as ambassadors, we are to represent Christ here on Earth so that through our life styles sinners will be influenced in to the family of God thereby expanded the kingdom of God in heaven.

As born again boys and girls we have it as a duty to open our mouth continuous to preach and it must be in season and out of season.

In this message we have two points :

Preaching is a command from God
The danger of not preaching

Preaching is a command from God

Our Lord Jesus has been a good example of every good thing who came to save the lost sheep of Israel. It was through preaching, he could achieve this. The Bible says that when John the Baptist was out in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God.

The disciples also preached the word not minding the great trials and persecution on the body of Christ.

But so many saved boys and girls today have neglected God's command to preach and they are occupied with things that cannot promote Jesus.

They engage into unnecessary discussions during school breaks, some spend time with friends loitering about in the school yards even in the church; spend time at home watching television; many neglect studying from Bibles or school book and go into reading story books that talk about bad and evil things; majority love sleeping and eating much. All these behaviours make God angry, change and preach the gospel. We must preach the gospel.

The Danger Of Not Preaching.

No saved child should forget God's instruction, And the Bible says; beginning from Jerusalem -our Jerusalem can be like to our houses, yards, streets, schools etc.

Where we are properly known so that God will not require their blood from our hands. Children remember all disobedience to God's instruction or command is sin and requires God's punishment here on Earth and thereafter in hell fire.

When we neglect preaching
Satan takes over God"s creature
Hell fire get expanded
SInners will multiply
Sickness and diseases will be everywhere

As we repent of not preaching The word of God today, his grace will be multiplied, upon us we shall be mightly blessed and the heaven at last in Jesus name.

God is encouraging the chosen children to be chosen indeed by following the footstep of G.O (Daddy In Lord) in preaching and also living holy life for that is the only way to please God.

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