How To Prepare A Nice Sumptuous Egusi Soup

How To Prepare A Nice Sumptuous Egusi Soup
How To Prepare A Nice Sumptuous Egusi Soup

Hi, today I will be taking you more on how to prepare a nice Sumptuous Egusi soup all by yourself.

Many girls and boys during this days now, don't know or have less ideas on how to cook and prepare Egusi soup more expecially.

Many parents today are being blamed by their children and the entire community for not teaching their children how to cook.

Actually most yiths and children sees cooking as a very bored habit but finds eating very interesting.

That's weird, but other guys See's it from a different angle. Some guys always think the cooking of a thing is always meant for the ladies and not them, but this is very untrue.

Cooking makes you a complete man or woman in life, it helps you spend less on outside made foods and snacks and also keeps your belly updated always.

If you think cooking is hard then I will advice you to remove your thinking from that, cooking is easy provided you know what you are doing.

If cooking is difficult, you can't cook and you are looking for where to get manuals on how to cook, just look away from there. 

Because today Sammygist is going to take care of that, I will be putting your through how to prepare Egusi soup.

Ingredients Used In Preparing Egusi Soup

Meat, fish, stockfish, crayfish
Palm oil

Below are the list of all ingredients and recipes used in preparing a nice Sumptuous Egusi soup. They are in a random order. The ingredients includes.

The above are the major ingredients needed in preparing a nice Sumptuous Egusi soup, they aren't that hard to get at the market.

Method Of Preparing Egusi Soup

To prepare a nice tasty Egusi soup you will need to follow all the steps listed here. No step must be skippped, you have to follow the steps here one at a time, so as to get what you want.

The following are the step-by-step method of preparing Egusi soup.

  1. Boiling Of Meat, Fish, Crayfish or stockfish
  2. Soaking Of The Grinded Egusi
  3. Frying The Soaked Grinded Egusi
  4. Cut, Wash And Add The Vegetables Leafs
  5. Adding The Meat, Fish, Crayfish Or Stockfish

Now these are the main five steps in making egusi soup, I am going to take them one after the other and explain well.

Boiling Of Meat

You can use any of the four listed above or can also use all but we are using meat as a case study. 
Now wash the meat thoroughly with salt and water
Put them into a pot with water then add a tea spoon of salt.
Boil the meat for about 10 minutes.

Soaking Of The Grinded Egusi

After Grinding the egusi seeds with either a hand grinder, electric grinded or mortal and pestle put it into a plate.
Now add water to the brim of the level of the egusi
Then wait for about 5 minutes for it to rise.

Frying The Soaked Grinded Egusi

After waiting for 5 minutes for the egusi soaked in water to rise, take your palm oil and add it in dry pot and put on fire.
Let the palm oil/red oil hit for a minute
Now add the egusi into the pot with the palm oil 
Keep stirring for 10 mins till it gets dried a little

Cut, Wash And Add The Vegetables Leafs

Wash your vegetable leafs with water twice, so as to be free from sand.
Then cut the vegetable leafs to your taste, then soak again in water and also wash it twice.

Adding The Meat, Fish, Crayfish Or Stockfish

After doing the fourth step which is washing if the vegetable leafs, now add the parboiled meat into the pot of the egusi and stir for another 10 minutes.

Adding The Spices Needed

Now add all ingredients you will be needing e.g your salt, pepper, Maggi and the soup seasoning. This will bring our the taste of the meal.

Now cover the pot and allow everything to combine well after stirring, allow it to boil for 5 minutes and your sumptuous egusi soup is ready to be served.

Egusi soup can be served with, eba made of yellow garri, fufu, semovita or rather wheat. It depends on the consumer choices.

Egusi soup provides the body with the essential nutrients it needs for it to function very well. It is very easy to be prepared it doesn't takes more than 30 minutes of your time.

Egusi soup can best eaten at launch or dinner, it a very heavy food that needs to be eaten on time so it could digest before one goes to bed.

Egusi soup is eaten mostly by the Igbo tribe but due to it sweetness it has spread across the country. Other tribes including the Yoruba's and the hausa's has developed a huge urge for this food egusi.

When prepared egusi is best eaten when it is warmed but most people likes when it is cold, beacuse when cold it brings out the taste the more.

When preparing egusi soup, you should make sure you stand by it so as to avoid it being burnt, because it has a very fast processing while on fire.

Some people dislikes egusi for one reason or the other which I don't know about, but to be sincere egusi soup is really one of the best local meal ever in Nigeria.

Also other parts of the world also eats the egusi soup, this is to show that the egusi soup doesn't based in only one country.

It is also eaten abroad by the white's often, it taste is really the difference that is why it is one in a million.

In conclusion to this egusi is been recommended by me for easy and healthy consumption for humans, Very delicious and sweet.

Hope with this steps listed I am very convinced that in one way or the other you might have learnt how to prepare egusi soup without stress.

This would help spend less and also keep you from shame while in your husband or fiancee house.

If you don't understand some parts or you have some questions you think I can help out with please kindly drop all I'm the Commenting section. 

I would be replykmg you and giving you some guidance needed in preparing egusi soup by yourself, for yourself and the nation.

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