The believers names and identity

The believers names and identity

And they said,believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved and house.

The Bible,God's word clearly state it that,it is wrong for believers to join with the wicked.

The believers in our teaching refers to those who believe in Christ Jesus and are called believers in Christ Jesus.

A believers is one who believes that Jesus Christ is the beloved son of God.

For the benefit of this teaching,when one becomes a believer,he/she entered into a new life and new partnership with our Lord Jesus.

In this message we have two points

1. Names and identity of believers
2.The names given to sinners

1.Names and identity of believers

 Believers (boys and girls) have lots of names of proper identification.these names are given to believers in Christ Jesus by God himself and they are all in the holy Bible.

1.  New creature
2.  Member of Christ
3.  Son of God
4.  Beloved of God
5.  Brother to Jesus
6.  Temple of God
7.  King
8.  Heir of God
9.  Ambassador for Christ
10. Peculiar treasure
11. Eagles
12. Sheep of the great shepherd
13. Chosen generation

Most boys and girls who are saved don't know whom they are in Christ Jesus because they don't study the word of God.

Saved boys and girls must live to know these glorious names.

God made us creatures who could stand in his presence as though we had never committed sin.

2. Names given to sinner
  As believers are called with different names so rdare unbelievers.because they don't have Christ, their lives style is seen in their names.
They are called by the following names

1. Sinners
2. wicked
3. unrighteous
4. The abominable, abomination/great evil in God's sight

Lesson: God does not answer sinners but the lord gives ear to his friends prayers

Thought: Oh lord God, Help me to remain your friend forever.Amen

Do not speak evil about others

Speak not evil one of another

Children,the Bible says,we must give account of every idle/ evil words that come out of our mouths.

So every chosen/ saved child is instructed by God concerning the kind of words that come out of our mouths because at the last day of judgement everyone must appear before the judgement seat of Christ to receive reward whether it be good or bad.

Jesus is saying that everyone will have to give God an answer for the even their careless and casual comment/talk.

No matter what people do to us ,we must not speak evil of them.

We should rather pray for them,born again boys and girls should not follow the ways of the world .

Any word we speak about others in their presence or at their back that does not bring glory to God is evil and he/she that engage in evil talk about others remain evil in the sight of God.

Do you say bad things about your siblings, other children at school or yard, You must repent before it becomes late.

In this message, we have two points

The danger of speaking evil about others
The reward for obeying God's instruction

1. The danger of speaking evil about others

It is very dangerous to like what God hates, and there is no sin without punishment, those that good and slander about are

1. A  sinner before God
2. They remained unclean because of what comes out of their mouth.
3. Their hearts are evil and out of their hearts comes out evil.
4. They are corrupt
5. Destruction await him/her
6. Their prayers cannot be answered
7. They will face God's judgement
8. They easily enter into trouble with people

Those who speak evil of church, chosen members and our G.O will equally face judgement unless they repent and do restitution

2. The reward of obeying God
  Obedient bring blessings.the holy Bible contain all necassary thing we should know about God  and his instruction to man, he sent Adam and Eve away from the garden of Eden.

He destroyed people that lived during Noah's time.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, Kora, dathan and Abiram opposed Moses and spoke evil of him and the ground opened up and swallowed them .

The 42 children that mocked Elisha on his way to bethel were eaten up by two she beer.

Annanias and saipharas punished for telling lies

Herod eaten up by worm

Nebukadinazzar become animal and ate grass in the bush.

All these and many more happened because if sin .in the same way all those who will live to obey God will stand-out for good reward from God.

Like Abraham who was a friend of God noah was upright in his generation and was preserved with his family during the flood.
Daniel delivered from lion den 
Moses crossed Israelites over Egypt and River Jordan.
Ruth forsake her idolatrious city and became a grandmother of our savior Jesus.
Esther became a queen, through her the Jews favoured before Ahassarus the king of shusan .
Dorcas became alive when Peter prayed for her,she was a goodly woman who gave arms even to the widow and orphan.


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