The Bible 5

God fearing Child (The Bible 5)

The Bible 5

Only our God is all powerful and mighty God who created the heaven, the earth, everything, human beings including boys and girls and has commanded all the children all over the whole world to fear him because God is loving, caring and good.

Children do you fear the lord?? The lord is to be feared Amen.

In this message, we have two points :
  1. The command to fear God and example
  2. The danger of disobedience

1. The command To Fear God And Example : 

God's commandments are to be obeyed by all born again boys and girls. When a child fears the lord, it shows that he/she is born again. But, it is quite sad to say that lots of children today don't fear God because they have refused to give their lives to Jesus Christ, they have rejected Jesus in their lives, are you such a child, who don't fear God?, Jesus Christ call you now ; to be God fearing means to be born again;

That is to accept Jesus Christ into your life as lord and saviour.

All children who fear God will stand to enjoy 

  • God's mercy from generation to generation
  • God will always instruct his angels to encamped around them
  • Wisdom of God will also characterised their live 
  • God's deliverance and protection are always for him/her
  • God's blessings of all types
  • Evil shall not near him/her and shall be satisfied with good 
  • God will make them righteous and also heal them in time of sickness/diseases
  • God will take pleasure in him/her
  • God will fulfill their desires, hear their cry and will also have the from trouble. And so many other promises in the Bible.

The following people in the Bible feared God and God blessed them: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Esther, Deborah, Daniel, Samuel, Ruth, and many more.

Any child that did not fear God will attract God's punishment.

2. The danger of disobedience

Disobedience is sinful  in God's sight and every sinful act must attract God's punishment. Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life, no one goes to the father without through Jesus.

Remember God commands all children to fear him, there is always danger when a child disobeys, that is some bad things would always happen to children who disobeys God.

  • God will always be angry with them
  • Their prayers are abomination and they will not receive answers to their prayers.
  • They will be used by the devil
  • They will be prey to the devil
  • Hell fire is always their portion
  • You will be lack 
  • Evil will not depart from any disobedient child.

Children that are not God fearing can be known in the following ways

  1. They always reject Christ by refusing to be born again
  2. Always follow unsaved children
  3. They always cause distraction anywhere they are even when they come to church
  4. Dirty God's house by littering refuse all over the places, they also open pure water nylon and pour water everywhere in the church environment
  5. They use there offering money to buy chewing gums, sweet, chocolate and biscuits
  6. They beat their young ones and bully some younger students in their school and even in their church"
  7. Such children hate reading their bibles, sleep during morning devotion.
  8. They can watch TV and play games from morning till night
  9. Tell lies, fight, quarrel and even steal whether from their mum or dad purse.
  10. They also get involved in other bad behaviour

To be God fearing child, you must know yourself as a sinner, repent, confess them with the mind of not going back to evil and embrace Jesus as your lord and personal saviour.

Jesus has already sacrificed his life for us, we don't need may other sacrifice Except his saving blood.

Lesson : any child who does not fear God will attract God's punishment

Thought : oh lord, please help me to fear you.

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