Jamb Registration 2021 : How To Register For Jamb Successfully

Jamb Registration 2021 Date Released, How To Apply Successfully and Deadline.

Jamb Registration Date

How To Register For 2021 Jamb

To all interested applicants who wish to successfully apply for Jamb Registration 2021 and seeking for the commencement date and deadline should all kindly read through this page till the end.

To register for jamb in 2021 there are some required credentials one has to possess before proceeding to register.

The following credentials needed by candidates are as follows:

  • Functional E-mail and Phone Number
  • National Identification Number, NIN (Very important)

Why Do Jamb Needs This Credentials?

A valid email account and an active phone number for jamb registration is very important and neccesary, why?... This is because, Jamb sends out notifications and fresh informations using the above listed medium to it's candidates

Before you use an email for jamb registration 2021 you have to make sure the name on it corresponds to that of the name you wish to use during the registration process.

You could make use of an existing email address or account as long as the mail name doesn't includes any form of slang or nickname.

Any email is recommended by jamb be it, Google mail(Gmail) or Yahoo mail and so on.

If the above is not met then you are required to open a fresh mail for jamb registration.

The best order for creating a Jamb mail is (surnamefirstname@gmail.com)

Note : A Candidate E-mail is also a form or means of Identification.

The world is advancing and therefore all new things are erupting, during this year's Registration for jamb, The National Identification Number would be use upon successful Jamb Registration. So all candidates are expected to get this before application.

NIN is made compulsory back then in 2020 but later cancelled and was re-enforced in 2021 as one of the main requirements for Jamb registration.

All candidates are advised to get this done so as not to encounter hinderance of registration process later on.

How To Register For Jamb Successful

How To Register For Jamb Successfully

Below are the listed steps taken upon Successful Jamb Registration, candidates are advised to follow these steps one after the other so as to attain a smooth registration process.

To Enroll for Jamb, kindly read through this step gently and take precautions.

  • Visit Jamb Website
  • Check Jamb iBass
  • Purchasement Of e-pin
  • Head To The Nearest Cbt Centre

Visit Jamb Website

After getting your email Id and the National Identification Number (NIN) all set, kindly head to the Jamb Website.

When you have finally visited the jamb site, Create a Jamb Profile before purchasing the Form.

Jamb profile is really very neccesary, because it could be used in doing many other things aside registration.

Apart from Jamb registration 2021, you need the Jamb profile for Jamb online result checking, Admission status checking, Admission letter printing, Accessing Jamb caps, etc.

Check Jamb iBass

It is very important to check if you are eligible to sit for this year's examination or otherwise.

If you are done with the above step, creating a jamb profile, Now head straight to Jamb iBass to be assured you can write the exam.

To get this information, check the official website of the exam body provided, very important.

Purchasement Of Jamb e-pin

Upon the Successfull confirmation of your eligibility to write the examination, you are now permitted to head straight to purchase your e-pin for Jamb Registration 2021.

This can be bought from the banks and other accredited outlets, like;
  • Paying on Jamb portal
  • Buying Epin via Remita
  • Go to Nigeria Post Office (NIPOST).
  • Paying with ATM
  • Paying with your phone.

Head To The Nearest Cbt Centre

When completed all steps above, visit any accredited computer-based test center nearer to your area with your details and your profile code to complete your registration.

Requirements For Jamb Registration in 2021 Accredited Cbt Centres

As soon as you get to the cbt centres there are things required of you to render before proceeding to complete your registration process.

So it is advised you know this informations and to also carry along the required documents with you down to the cbt center.

Candidates should take not of the following;

  • Payment of Service charge is not more than N700 in an accredited Cbt centre
  • Submission of Bio-data including, (Date of Birth, Nationality, State of Origin, Local Government, Gender, e-mail address, etc)
  • Providing Your Preferred Choice of Institution and Programs(courses)
  • Stating Qualifications Grades(O'level and A'level) and dates of Examination (Not awaiting)
  • Uploading of O'level(Wace, Neco,Gce) Certificates
  • Tendering Jamb Registration number for the previous institutional certificates (Applicable to Only DE).
  • Providing UTME Subjects and your choice of towns for the examination
  • Taking of picture capturing (scanning of passport photographs not allowed)
  • Enrollment of Biometric (ten fingers)
  • Cross checking of entries to confirm if they are right, so as to avoid mistake.
  • Collection of the reading text and CD
  • Printing of registration slip by making use of biometric authentication, and collation if the e-slip at the end of the registration as the evidence of Successfull registration.

Any candidates who fails to register at any Accredited Jamb Cbt centres/jamb-state offices or registers outside this body would be identified and would get disqualified immediately.

Why many or a certain number of students missed admission last year was due the supply of invalid informations.

Please always make sure you review any document, name or information twice before tendering it so as to avoid any future regrets.

Also ensure you are willing and able to go for a particular discipline/institution and supply the right subjects combinations so as avoid purchasing of correction of data form later on.

What's The 10 Fingers Biometric All About

There are things which are going to be manifested at this stage it is very neccesary in Jamb Registration. These are;

Taking the fingerprint of all your 10 Fingers
Submission of O'level and A'level results (awaiting results are also allowed)
Two sittings also permitted, either an awaiting results and an already existing one or two available results.

After the successful completion of the above steps you are now good to go. Just go home relax and read for the examination.

Things Jamb Gives Out After For Guidance

On getting to the Cbt center a compact disc(CD) containing the following would be handed over to you for free;

  • Jamb e-brochure displaying all available courses in various lists of Tertiary institutions.
  • E-syllabus for the Unified Tertiary examination
  • A step by step guide in completion of the application form
  • A video message passed across from the Jamb Registrar and a demo in how to use the right designed keys UTME without making use of mouse.

FAQ About Jamb Registration

Below are some frequently asked questions about Jamb registration and how to register for Jamb, dates and so on.

Is Jamb Form Out For 2021?

Yes, the sales of jamb form for 2021 has now commenced.

Which Novel Is Jamb Using For 2021?

"The life Changer," khadija Abubakar Jali, this is the novel being used for jamb this year.

How Much Is Jamb Form For 2021?

N3,500, the cost of amount for jamb form is N3,500 exluding Cbt service fee of N700. Which altogether costs N4,700.

How Many Subjects Do They Write In Jamb?

Jamb always comprises of subjects altogether.

Difference Between Direct entry and Utme?

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Utme) are for those seeking admission into 100 Level admission using SSCE while Direct Entry (DE) are for those candidates seeking Admission into the second or third Year in the university of their choice.

Jamb Form Registration Period and Deadline

This is opened to all candidates between Thursday, April 8th, 2021 and Saturday May 15th, 2021. All candidates are advised to register before the due date.

Obtaining of PIN ends on the 10th of May, 2021 while the portal for registration closes on the 15th of May 2021

Jamb 2021 Exam Date And Deadline

UTME main exams starts on the 5th of June and ends on the 19th of June 2021.

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