Bill Gates Divorces His Wife After 27 Years Of Marriage, Says They Needed Space

Bill Gates Divorces Wife

The once world richest man Bill gates, known for his wealth and riches in the world today has got the whole world talking about him.

He revealed that he needs to get his wife Melinda Gates off his way after 27 years of marriage and three incredible kids.

No one really knows the main reason for this Divorce but he stated that they can not grow anymore as couples but needed space and privacy for their family as they begin to navigate their new life's.

With all the wealth and affluence he and his wife has built foundations that works all over the world to enable people lead healthy and productive Lives.

However, they both made the decision to end their marriage after a great deal of thoughts and a lot of work on their relationship.

Meanwhile Bill Gates and Melinda will share an estimated $130 billion (N49,562,500,000,000) as they part their different ways.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates got the world in shock as the people are surprised on why  the couple would go their different ways after 27 years of marriage with three kids and their wealth.

Bill Gates tweet

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