Three Persons Caught For Allegedly Stealing In Federal Polytechnic Bida Campus

Three Persons Caught For Allegedly Stealing In Federal Polytechnic Bida Campus

It was reported that 3 persons was being caught and paraded by the security unit of the Federal Polytechnic Bida For allegedly Stealing On the Campus.

Both the person who stole the items and the person who bought the stolen item were being arrested by the security unit, and paraded round the administrative block by the chief security Officer if Federal Polytechnic Bida, Alhaji Hussaini Mohammed who confirmed the incident to be true.

The act and rate of stealing round Campus and also off campus is now persistent and alarming which made the security operations to be on guard always.

According to Hussaini Mohammed, two of the suspects apprehended where identified to be students of the institution, while the other of the three who often buys and receives the stolen items Operates at Panteka in Minna.

The Security personnels urged the suspects to take them to the different places on the campus which they have stolen from and burgled which they did.

It was reported one of the suspects identitied as David Abel is a ND II student of the polytechnic in the department of Architecture which he said his role was to move the stolen items out of the school premises.

The other suspect indentified as Mark Saidu is also an ND II Student of the polytechnic in the department of Urban and Regional Planning, he confessed to the crime and made known that his role was to convey the stolen items from Bidda to Minna after every successful operation.

While the last suspect identitied as Adamu Ahmed who operates at Panteka confesses that he only buys the stolen item from the other two suspects.

Some of the items recovered from this suspects includes, Electronic appliances such as air conditioner, plasma television, printers, home theater, industrial fans, and stabilizers.

However this three suspects has been handed over to the Police for proper prosecution.

The Cheif Security Officer of the Campus, however advices all persons to desists from criminal activities as strong measures are being taken to curb and arrest those involved in the perpetual crimes on campus, especially buying of stolen items.

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